Washing Machine Repairs Avoided "Easy Breezy Laundry"

How To Avoid Washing Machine Repairs The Cheaper Way

Here’s Our Top Tips For Easy Breezy Laundry


Applicable to all types of washing machine.

  1. Sort laundry easily with at least two laundry baskets (3 is best) DARKS, COLOURS, WHITES or just lights and darks
  2. Washing clothes after every wear (even if they’re not soiled) will just lessen the life of both your appliance and your clothes.  Wash when you have to – that way you do LESS laundry too!
  3. Remove stains straight away – the longer a stain sits on fabric, the harder it is to remove
  4. Always take note of the washing and care instructions on your clothes.  Use the correct setting on your machine
  5. Using less detergent to cut costs only means your clothes won’t be as clean. Use the correct amount of detergent on a warm wash to ensure clothes are cleaned thoroughly
  6. A dirty appliance will not clean efficiently.  Clean your seals and filters regularly to ensure no blockages and clean clothes.
  7.  If using a dryer, remove the lint after EVERY use to get the most energy efficient result
  8. EMPTY POCKETS before washing your clothes.  So many repairs are from simple blockages and things getting stuck in the drum.

Unfortunately your door seal has gone past the point of no return. This can make your washing smell less than desirable. The average cost of a door seal is $90 plus fitting which can usually be done within the service call. Contact us today for a free quote. Just provide us with all model detail on the rating plate if possible, a photo of your rating plate would be great.
If you need front load washing machine or top load washing machine repairs anywhere South of Brisbane, to the Gold Coast and West Beaudesert Shire, contact us today to make a booking.

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