Refrigerator Maintenance Reduce Repairs (Top 5 Tips)

Refrigerator Maintenance May Reduce Repairs

Here’s our 5 Tips to help your refrigerator run more efficiently and last longer:

  1. Check that the door seals form a tight seal. Place a small piece of paper e.g. $5 bill, half in half out. It shouldn’t pull out too easily. Keep the seals clean regular to help them last longer. Little maintenance goes a long way.
  2. Vacuum the back of your refrigerator where the condenser coils are. This is where the heat is removed from the refrigerator and if clogged up with dust or pet hair it cannot remove the heat efficiently and your refrigerator will work harder.
  3. Fill empty space in your refrigerator / freezer with water bottles. A full refrigerator works less hard and you’ll always have nice cold water on hand!
  4. Covering food will prevent odour from penetrating the plastic inside the refrigerator or from food smells absorbing into other foods – yuk!
  5. Always wait for food to cool before putting it into the refrigerator. Trying to cool warm food puts extra load on the refrigerator and therefore takes time off its life.
  6. Refrigerator Maintenance is key to avoiding unneccesary repairs.

Unfortunately If your door seal has gone past the point of no return. This can make your Refrigerator unhygienic and smell less than desirable. The average cost of a door seal varies from model to model. Contact us today for a free quote. Just provide us with all model details on the rating plate if possible, a photo of your rating plate would be great.
If you need Refrigerator repairs anywhere South of Brisbane, to the Gold Coast and West Beaudesert Shire, contact us today to make a booking.

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